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Why A Tenant Walk-Through Sheet Saves Your Tampa Property Management Company A Ton of Aggravation

You can buy these Walk-Through Checklists online or through companies that service the Tampa property management industry. This particular checklist gives tenants peace of mind when they move into your rental property. If there are scratches on the kitchen countertop or chipped linoleum in the bathroom, the tenant can write this down on the checklist. Therefore when they move-out, they know they will not be charged for those items.

This sheet is especially useful when dealing with the “anal retentive” type of tenant whom is the master of detail and will call you 8 different times to notate every little item that is not in perfect condition. Without this walk-through sheet, you would be pestered over and over again.

Now, you want to make sure you get a walk-through sheet that has carbon copies underneath. This will allow them to fill it out once and mail you the carbon copy underneath. Therefore, each of your copies is exactly the same. It may cost a bit more, but it is well worth it because it eliminates you having to make a copy of the original and mail it to them (or vice-a-versa). It also sends a subtle message of professionalism.

Some landlords will become frustrated with these sheets because of the additional time spent chasing the tenants to fill out the form and return it. Here is a tip. A Tampa property manager should give the tenant 72 hours to return the move-in sheet, or anything noted on the walk-through sheet is no longer valid.

Can you do this? Absolutely, if you put this clause into the rental lease, you have every right to set a reasonable deadline for returning the walk-through sheet. Obviously, if they return the sheet a month later, how do you know the damage was not caused by their kids or pets? You don’t, and that is why a 72 hour deadline is important and gives a sense of urgency to the tenant to return it.

This sheet is also extremely useful when the tenant does move out, and you are assessing damages. It is difficult for the tenant to claim the carpet was stained when they moved in when the walk-through sheet (that they filled out) says “Good.” Of course most tenants will still argue they did not do the damage, but you have virtually eliminated the possibility of the tenant suing you in a small claims court. Your former tenants know you have them because they filled out the walk-through form in their own hand writing.

A tenant walk-through sheet with a 72 hours deadline for returning to the landlord is a wonderful tool for any Tampa property management company.

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