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3 Simple Tests You Must Do to Find a Good Vendor in Tampa Property Management

In our Tampa property management company, we typically test out 3 to 4 different tradesmen to find one who is reliable and does the job right. The question is, how do you find the right vendor?

The initial test is a “Bid Test”. Have the tradesperson first go out and give you a quote for labor and materials. Have a tradesman you trust quote the same job before or after the new person. Once you start comparing the two bids on a few jobs, it becomes very clear if the new person is overcharging you or if they do not have a clear understanding of what repairs need to be made.

The second “acid test” is whether the tradesman can successfully fix the problem on the first trip. Often times you will come across someone with no “attention to detail” skills. They will spend very little time assessing the problem and just do a quick patch job and be on their way. This usually means the patch job will not hold and the real problem has still not been fixed. The tenant will generally call within a few days complaining of the same issue. At this time, you know that your new tradesman did not do the job properly and you should look for someone else.

The final test is the “invoice test”. When working with any new vendor you should review each invoice carefully. Check for unknown charges or overtime that was never approved. Often over time you will see the hours start to inflate or small jobs turn into large, expensive ones. If you get the feeling the invoices are being inflated, you should send a trusted tradesman to visit the job site and review the invoice. If you find your new vendor is being untrustworthy, you should not confront them. They will never admit they did anything wrong and it could escalate into a fight. You should just pay them, say nothing, and never use them again.

These 3 simple tests will help you to find the right vendors quickly and efficiently for your Tampa property management company.

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